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This website is to inform you of many random things.

Things like Animal Jam, Call of Duty video games and, other random things.
I am General Vonwolf, an Animal Jam member wearing a blue headdress, a blue clover blanket, a blue glove, and a blue wreath necklace.

I just discovered a glitch where you can be land animal underwater and many other weird things.  To do it you have to go near a door and try to go in it, but right before you do, click on the map and go to an underwater place.  Your land animal will then be underwater.
I'm quitting this website because this type of website is too limited and my favorite blogger, Wolfrock12 quit.  I don't ever get views anyway so no one is even seeing this.  So bye probably forever.
Concerning those who have www.animaljam.com accounts:

My username on Animal Jam is "Night of the wolf" then 12345.

I'll end up telling you the answer soon. 

My brother also has an Animal Jam account, his username is: jacklot
I saw a good Call of Duty fan video called Operation Kingfish: Find Makarov.
The video may be disturbing to some viewers. This video has blood, violence, and some strong language.  I do not recomend this for younger viewers.
(This video is only available by going to http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Find_Makarov:_Operation_Kingfish  )

( www.callofduty.com )
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I've now added a blog. Now I will post things sometimes to give you updates and things.